The Facilitator

Stacey Scipio Blüme

With more than twenty years of work experience in child protective services, education and as a body-oriented therapist, I can state it is my passion to help people further in their development.
The growth I have experienced in my own personal development has ensured that a shift has also taken place in my work. From helping families to survive to now supporting people to thrive.

From an early age I have had a constant sense of curiosity and desire for personal growth and development. What makes me the person I am today? What are my motivations, my fears, my desires? What about nurture and nature? What does happiness and freedom mean to me? And how can I connect people with themselves and their environment?

I was able to partly answer these questions through work and the various life experiences. By trial and error, and showing openness, vulnerability, humour and strength. But also by being alone and accepting myself as I am.



“ Stacey comes across as grounded and authentic: what you see is what you get!  A very nice personality who goes for growth and development in relation to herself and her clients. She has the ability to get people moving, to bring them close to their feelings and to keep them there. I have observed this at various times. People always thank her for the conversation because they feel they have gained new insights or new perspectives through her questioning. Stacey doesn’t accept nonsense, she quickly sees where the sting is, with soft confrontation the conversation takes the turn it needs to take.  The connection she makes between the mind, heart and gut feeling is also visible. These aspects she implements in her conversations with empathy, understanding and tranquility. For a quick fix you should not go to Stacey. I noticed that she works from a vision: the wholeness of a person is central, the holistic approach, she is a bon vivant and accepts the bumps that comes along with it.
Her qualities that have most come to the fore are: Integrity, meaning, analytical, practical, purity, good discussion partner, deep listening, focus, power to change, multifunctional, connecting, unconventional and energetic.”

Lya Young-Afat
Teacher, Academy for Coaching & Counseling

Stacey Scipio Blüme
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