Coaching on the Job

In a working life there are many daily stimuli around you, which you (subconsciously) absorb and with which you have a feeling that you ‘need to do something’. This applies to you as a manager, but also to your employees.

It is precisely because of these stimulations that we tend to go along with the hustle and bustle so that small worries sometimes do not receive the attention and time they deserve. However, if minor concerns aren’t discussed, burnout may be closer than you think.

The sooner you discuss them, the less chance there is for long-term problems. That’s why it is important to do a self-interview once in a while.

Things that can bother you:

  • Worry.
  • Stress, panic attacks.
  • Shortness of breath due to constant tension, breathing problems.
  • Difficulty letting go of your work, perfectionism.
  • Motivation problems. Do I still want this?
  • Disturbed work relationships.
  • Personal problems that cause work to stagnate.

Facilitating Change

Making the above matters negotiable: that is what we offer. A conversation in which we can share everything in confidence. Because you can, not because you have to. These moments of self-reflection lead to progress, not stagnation.

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