Everyone has to deal with grief and loss in their lives. Grief is not only caused by death, but can also occur due to ending a relationship, the loss of a job, an unfulfilled desire to have children or another meaningful loss. Even when people become ill, they often go through a grieving process.

Grief can cause you to be overwhelmed by sadness or by a feeling of emptiness and listlessness. It is often difficult to process these emotions on your own. If you don’t get the right support, this can lead to more emotional problems later on.

Dealing with illness and grief is personal. Your request for help is unique and we tailor the guidance to your needs.

Our support can be requested at any time, for example at the beginning of the disease process to support you and/or your loved ones, but also for aftercare. The support can take place at our office, at your home or at any desired location, for example in a hospital or hospice.

Facilitating Change

Facilitators Of Change is for families and adults dealing with grief. In addition, we are making an extra effort to draw more attention to grief in the workplace. Organizations can hire us to take care of employees who get stuck in their grieving process.

Feel free to contact us to discuss what works for you.

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